This will be the page that you can check on to keep track of Novalí and how fast she is growing. Tamara and I will keep posting information here on new things she learns to do and say all the time.

July 10th , 2004
Novali is three and few months now, and she is learning a lot. I called a few nights ago and she chats really well now. Told me about her new daycare location and which friends were there. She is getting much taller and her hair is getting really long. She gets very emotional now, getting mad, sad or some mixture of the two. She has this obcession with getting new sun glasses, so I walk her to the dollar store and get her some, can't beat a dollar. Wait until she gets more expensive tastes...

November 30th, 2003
I had Novalí for the past week. Seven days of fun with her in Michigan. We traveled all over, to Kalamazoo, Allendale and then Saginaw. She got the Michigan tour. She is talking a ton now and speaks awesome Spanish and a little English as well. She loves counting and playing with her animals. She also loves to sing; ABCs, Three Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider (In English and Spanish) and many other songs including some from the radio. She sings great. I will not see her for a month while I am in Bolivia, I am sure she will know so many more things when I return. Can't wait!

September 12th, 2003
Everytime I get to see Novalí she does some new cool stuff to impress her papi. This time it was her creativity, she cooked and cleaned on her little set of Barbie dishes and just had a good time. It was great to hangout with her all day long. Her curly hair is getting pretty long now, and her use of English and Spanish is great.

June 20th, 2003
Alright it is official, Novali is big and smart. She weighed in at 28 pounds this week and was 35 inches tall! That is one inch shy of 3 feet! And since her mom is barely 5 foot, and her dad about 5 foot 7 that means she has a good chance of being pretty tall if she stays at this rate. We will see...

May 6th, 2003
Well Novali is 2 years old and almost one month. She draws all the time and has recently learned how to draw an "apple". She draws a circle with a line coming out of it, the artistic ability is already there! She talks a ton and loves to sing songs.



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